District Links ( posted on March 12th, 2007 )

ECSEuclid Homepage – http://www.euclidschools.org
Includes information about the district, schools, administration and calendar.

Access your email from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The Euclid City School’s Intranet for student and staff information.

AESOPAESOP -http://www.aesoponline.com
Use AESOP to report and track absences and professional leave.

student portalK-5 Student Portalhttp://ecast.euclid.k12.oh.us/links
Link to the K-5 student web portal page.

student portal7-12 Student Portalhttp://ecast.euclid.k12.oh.us/studentportal
Link to the 7-12 student web portal page.

student portal

eCast Booking Systemhttp://ecast.euclid.k12.oh.us
Link to the online calendar system used to schedule computer labs.

student portal

Link to the distict tool for writing IEPs and MFEs.

student portal

District Video Departmenthttp://union.infohio.org/htbin/wwform/128/wwk770
Link to the district video department’s searchable database.

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